As you expand your Killer Bunnies game, the complexity expands as well. These online resources put all our Instructions and Bunny Bits in one place for quick reference. You'll also find some extra resources here to make your game play easier and more enjoyable!

NOTE: As the Killer Bunnies universe grows and evolves, Creative Team Alpha makes adjustments, additions and clarifications to the game play. All online Instructions and Bunny Bits are the most updated and accurate versions.


Teaching Killer Bunnies → As more of you become experts in the game we must take a moment to acknowledge the fact that some folks are still just beginners. If you have one of these "Bunny new-bies" in your group, then please be nice to them (until they make their first kill that is, then let them have it!)


Adding Booster Decks In Order → All Booster Decks are compatible with the Blue Starter Deck. However, Killer Bunnies plays best when the Booster Decks are added in sequential order.

  • 'Crucial' Cards → This section provides you with game pieces, select cards, as well as game mechanics that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.
  • Dice Substitutions → This section provides you with a guide on how to substitute for possible missing dice that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.


Example of Winning Magic Carrot PageWant to track which carrots win each game? Our Killer Bunnies Magic Carrot docs list all available carrots – 52 numbered carrots and 26 lettered carrots, for a total of 78 carrots – plus provide you a place to check off when that carrot wins a game. We've even included a small icon next to the carrot that shows which booster deck it came in.

There are two sizes, a two-page tabloid (11x17 inches) page and a single-page poster (24x36 inches). The files are in high-res PDF format.

Download → Tabloid Size, 11x17" (PDF Document)
Download → Poster Size, 24x36" (PDF Document)

    You can print these pages for personal use. Per copyright laws, fans cannot sell these pages for financial gain.


    Pink Box with a Pink Circle icon → Several Killer Bunnies games – including QUEST and CONQUEST – use a Pink Rectangular Box with a Pink Circle icon. The most recent rule clarification can be found here.

    Instructions & Bunny Bits


    Mixmaster: How to combine CONQUEST with QUEST → You can mix Killer Bunnies Quest and Killer Bunnies Conquest and play them together, regardless of how many Booster Decks are in your game collection. ​

    Instructions & Bunny Bits


    Mixmaster: How to combine KINDER with QUEST → KinderBunnies is not only a stand-alone kids game, it is also a booster deck to your Killer Bunnies game! ​



    Instructions & Bunny Bits

    • Updates coming 2024


    Instructions & Bunny Bits