Conquest Violet Bunny Bits

Unwrap all of the cards. Large cards with a Violet Truculent Bunny on the back are shuffled into the Draw Pile that should already contain Blue, Yellow and Red cards. Add the four new Carrots to the sixteen already for sale at Kaballa’s Market two. The small Defense Cards are shuffled and placed face down near the Rooney’s Weapons Emporium Two Starter Card. The small Carrot Cards are shuffled into their respective pile.

Did you notice that cool new Clear 20-sided die? Some of the new cards (as well as some older cards) will require using the die. These cards will have a capital letter T in the bottom square on the right border of the card.​


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Game Mechanics


Players may purchase Defense Cards from Rooney’s Weapons Emporium Two. These are used to eliminate the effect of a weapon for a particular player. Defense Card Units must match or exceed the level of the weapon that a player wishes to eliminate.

For example, a Weapon Level 7 may be eliminated by simply using a Defense Card with 7 Units. Another example might be a Weapon Level 8 that may be eliminated by using Defense Cards that add to 8 Units such as a 3 Units and a 5 Units card. In the last example, a player may also use a Defense card that exceeds the weapon level such as an 11 Units card. A player may not take “change” from the Defense Card pile if the Units used to defend against a weapon exceeded the weapon level. Once Defense Cards have been used, they are discarded and may not be sold again. Defense Cards may only be used before a player rolls for the weapon.

Defense Cards protect only one player’s bunnies from harm. When a player uses Defense Cards against a multi-target weapon (such as Clubbin’ Baby Seals), all of the bunnies in The Bunny Circle belonging to that player are protected. Adjacent players may still be affected by the weapon. Adjacent players may, if they have the ability, use their own Defense Cards against the same multi-target weapon.

Any player may use a Defense Card at any time either for himself or another player. Weapons may be increased in strength by a unique card or diminished in strength due to increased range from the target bunny (such is the case with the Terminators). Regardless of any modification or circumstance, the effects of a weapon are eliminated using Defense Cards that match or exceed the weapon’s original value.


Specialty bunnies have no color (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Violet or Yellow) or kind (Evil, Hypnotic, Ludicrous, Spiffy or Truculent). Specialty bunnies are their own kind of bunny. A player may, of course, win the game with one of these bunnies in The Bunny Circle.

Specialty bunnies come as singles, doubles or triples that make forming a Bunny Triplet easier. If a player has three single Specialty bunnies in The Bunny Circle, then he has formed a Bunny Triplet and may play two cards per turn. If a player has a single Specialty Bunny and a double Specialty Bunny, then he has also formed a Bunny Triplet and may play two cards per turn. If a player has a triple Specialty Bunny in The Bunny Circle, then he automatically has a Bunny Triplet and may play two cards per turn.

If an opponent attacks and kills a Specialty Bunny, then all bunnies in the double or triple are lost and the card is discarded. In that respect, Specialty Bunny doubles and triples are treated as a single target. When counting for Roaming Red Run cards, and weapons that affect bunnies many spaces away, Specialty Bunny cards (singles, doubles or triples) count as one space.

Facts About The Cards


Betty Botter may be used once by the player with the greatest number of the letter B in the titles of all of the cards in his five-card hand to take three Radish Cards and three Milk Cards. All players count the number of B’s in the titles of the five cards in their hand, and the player with the greatest number is awarded the Radish and Milk Cards. If one or more players have the greatest amount, then both or all of them are awarded the Radish and Milk Cards.


Bunny Booster may be placed under any bunny and changes its color to Red. Bunnies that become Red will inherit the special feature for that type of bunny. Bunny Booster may be placed under single color (or half color – Green Booster Deck) Evil, Hypnotic, Ludicrous, Spiffy or Truculent bunnies. Bunny Booster may not be placed under a Specialty Bunny because it is not a single color (or half color) bunny.


Bunny Exchange may be used once by a player to force any opponent to exchange two of his bunnies for one of yours. In order to use this card against an opponent, that player must have at least two bunnies. Bunny Exchange cannot be used for a one to one exchange. The player chooses all three bunnies in the exchange. A bunny with Angel Wings may be taken with the Bunny Exchange card.


Holi-delay may be used once by a player on the day after any recognized holiday to choose an opponent and to exchange any one card in his own five-card hand with any one card from the opponent’s five card hand. The player may see the opponent’s five-card hand before choosing a card for the exchange. The player may choose any of his own cards for the exchange.

To avoid confusion, recognized holidays must be reviewed by all of the players before the game begins. As a default, you may want to check a holiday list for the country in which you are playing the game. If a list of holidays cannot be agreed upon by all players, then use only April Fools Day (April 1st), Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17th), American Independence Day (July 4th) and Halloween (October 31st).


Meltdown may be used once by a player to force any one opponent to discard all of his saved Metal cards and coins if an Even number is rolled. (Card Update)


Spin To Win may be used to force all players to spin one of the 12-sided dice. The player whose die spins the longest may change the position of any one bunny in The Bunny Circle. The bunny being re-positioned may belong to the player or an opponent. In this way, a player may ‘steal’ an opponent’s bunny.


The player with Campaign Contributions saved may control the votes of any one party (Shiner Party or Whiner Party) during a Casting Terrible Misfortune. The player may choose which party to control each time a Casting Terrible Misfortune is drawn by any player.


The player with this card saved may exchange any one of his saved Special cards with one saved Special card of any opponent each time that a 4 is rolled on the Black 12-sided die by any player. The exchange may happen during the player’s or an opponent’s turn. If at any time the player has no bunnies in The Bunny Circle then Talos Four is discarded.


Federal Agents may be used once by a player to retrieve and keep any bunnies abducted by aliens. The bunny (or bunnies) retrieved and kept by the player may have originally been abducted from an opponent.


Scapegoat may be used once by a player to save a bunny killed during the same turn of play by sacrificing one of his own bunnies. The original bunny that was killed remains in place (with all Bunny Modifiers) while the player sacrifices (discards) any of his own bunnies in The Bunny Circle. The bunny that is saved may belong to the player or an opponent.


(For players who mix their Killer Bunnies Quest and Killer Bunnies Conquest sets together.)

Players will have an extra Clear 20-sided die. If this bothers you, then leave one of the Clear 20-sided dice in the Quest box. All of the Defense Cards from both Quest and Conquest can be mixed together and shuffled into one face down pile near the emporiums.

It is possible that one emporium will close while the other remains open. However, as long as one of the emporiums is open, then players will be able to purchase Defense Cards. In the future, if both emporiums are open, but they show different prices for Defense Cards, then players may buy their supplies at the lower cost.


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Disclaimer: All characters and events in this game – even those based on real people or characters as parody – are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual living persons is purely coincidental or is strictly for the purpose of satire. No actual bunnies were harmed in the making of this game or will be harmed by playing it.


If after reading through the Bunny Bits and playing the cards in your Killer Bunnies Booster Deck you are asking yourself this question, then chances are you’re absolutely right!  


Many cards in Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot refer to other cards that have not been printed yet.  But don’t worry.  All this means is that we have planned ahead.  Creative Team Alpha would like to guarantee to you that these ‘unseen’ cards will indeed be seen in future Booster Decks.  The same is true for some of the fancy dice as well.


Some confusion may occur when Booster Decks are added out of order, and a card refers back to earlier cards that may not exist in your deck.  As stated before, if you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks and a card is drawn during play that refers to another card that does not exist in your Killer Bunnies deck, then a player may discard it and draw a new card.


If you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks, our Crucial Cards section provides you with game pieces, select cards, as well as game mechanics that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.

More Info See our 'Crucial' Cards Section here.


Questions always seem to arise that cannot be resolved by a careful inspection of the Instruction Book and Bunny Bits.  If that should happen then please feel free to Contact Us​.