Stainless Steel Bunny Bits

Unwrap all of the cards. Large cards with the Steel Sinister Bunny on the back are shuffled into your Draw Pile that should already contain Blue, Yellow, Red, Violet, Orange, Green and White cards. The small Cabbage, Water and Defense Cards are shuffled into their respective piles.


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Game Mechanics


Red Card stands are used to hold Roaming Red Run cards that move around The Bunny Circle. The Roaming Red Run cards are: Cyber Bunny, The Ebola Virus, Cruise Missile Prime, F-18 Hornet, Leif Carrotson, O.R.P. and Hostile Pentecostal. More Roaming Red Runs will join the game in later booster decks: Twister and The Lonely Ranger.


Super bunnies give a player three advantages:

  1. The player with a Super Bunny in The Bunny Circle may automatically play two cards per turn.

  2. When a Super Bunny is attacked with a Weapon card, the player may roll the Clear 20-sided die regardless of the weapon level. Even though this has no advantage if the weapon level is 13 or higher, it is a great advantage for weapons with levels 1-12.

  3. When a Super Bunny is placed in The Bunny Circle, all bunnies that are the same color (or half color) as the Super Bunny are immediately eliminated (discarded) from The Bunny Circle. Until the Super Bunny itself is eliminated, no bunny of the same color (or half color) can survive in The Bunny Circle.

    Once a Super Bunny has been eliminated, it cannot be purchased from Weil’s Pawn Shop, nor can it be brought back into the game for any reason using any card. In addition, a Super Bunny cannot be affected by: Cloning, Bunny Booster, Random Paintball Assault, Better Bunny Booster or Blanch.


The weapon level for a Dated Weapon is the same as the numerical day of the month when the game is being played. For example, if a player uses a Dated Weapon on Valentine’s Day, then the weapon level is 14 (since Valentine’s Day is always on the 14th of February). All Dated Weapons require the defending player to roll both the Black 12-sided and Clear 20-sided dice and to add them together for the final total.

Dated Weapons may be purchased from Rooney’s Weapons Emporium for an amount of Dolla equal to the numerical day of the month. No bunny belonging to a player born on the 17th of any month can be attacked using a Dated Weapon.

Facts About The Cards


Pumpkin Ridge may be placed on any bunny in The Bunny Circle which must roll higher than 13 on the Clear 20-sided die to survive. If the opponent’s bunny survives, then he must roll the 12-sided Zodiac die. If the zodiac sign rolled on the 12-sided Zodiac die is the birth zodiac sign of any of the other players (including the player who originally launched Pumpkin Ridge), then the opponent must move Pumpkin Ridge to one of their bunnies.

If two or more players have the same birth zodiac sign, then the opponent may choose which player’s bunny to target. If no player has the birth zodiac sign rolled, then the weapon is discarded. Pumpkin Ridge will continue until either a bunny dies or the zodiac sign rolled on the 12-sided Zodiac die does not match any of the players’ birth zodiac signs. Pumpkin Ridge is not stopped by any Barrier.


Defector Deux may be placed on any two adjacent bunnies in The Bunny Circle. All players roll any one of the 12-sided dice. The highest roller takes the bunnies.

The player who played Defector Deux may re-roll the die if he does not like his first roll. If two players tie for the highest roll, then both players must roll the 12-sided die again (and keep rolling) until the tie is broken. The two bunnies chosen may belong to different players.


Ground Zero may be placed on any bunny in The Bunny Circle forcing the next weapon revealed by any player to be used on the targeted bunny. The player who reveals the next weapon must have a bunny in The Bunny Circle to launch the weapon. Ground Zero remains in play until a weapon targets the bunny. If the player who owns the bunny counteracts, eliminates or defends (using Defense Cards) against the weapon, then Ground Zero is still removed (discarded) regardless of the outcome of the weapon launch.


Since it is a Roaming Red Run card, Hostile Pentecostal will attack one bunny per round of play (traveling in a clockwise direction) in The Bunny Circle. Any bunny attacked must roll higher than 15 on the Clear 20-sided die to survive. Hostile Pentecostal is not a weapon and cannot be subjugated by using Clovers or Defense Cards.

After the attack, Hostile Pentecostal moves to the next viable bunny target and waits until the next round of play. Hostile Pentecostal can attack the same bunny more than once during its time in The Bunny Circle. When Hostile Pentecostal encounters a Barrier, it will change direction and could easily attack the same bunny twice (on consecutive turns).

Hostile Pentecostal itself may be attacked and eliminated using any Weapon card. The player who launched Hostile Pentecostal rolls for its defense against a Weapon card even if the same player also launched the weapon. During play, Hostile Pentecostal will be waiting on top of a bunny (the next viable bunny target). If a weapon is designed to attack a single bunny, then a player may direct it onto Hostile Pentecostal, or the bunny underneath, but not both. If the weapon is a range weapon (such as Bittersweet Chocolate Covered Anti-Matter Raisins), then both Hostile Pentecostal and the bunny underneath are affected equally (whether they were the direct target of the weapon or within the weapon’s range). If the weapon wanders from one bunny to another (such as The Ebola Virus), then Hostile Pentecostal will roll before the bunny underneath.

If Hostile Pentecostal is alone in The Bunny Circle (or a portion of The Bunny Circle separated by Barriers) with no viable bunny targets, then it is discarded. A bunny with The Heavenly Halo would be an example of a non-viable bunny target since it cannot be killed by Hostile Pentecostal.


Neutronium Barrier may be placed between any two adjacent players and stops weapons that affect adjacent bunnies. Roaming Red Run cards that contact a Neutronium Barrier are eliminated (discarded). The Neutronium Barrier remains in place after eliminating a Roaming Red Run card.

More than one Barrier (regular or Neutronium) may be placed between any two adjacent players. It is important to place the two (or more) Barrier cards side by side between the players especially if one of the Barriers is a Neutronium Barrier. This becomes important when a Roaming Red Run card encounters the Barriers. By placing the cards side by side, players will be able to determine if a Roaming Red Run will encounter a regular Barrier and change direction, or a Neutronium Barrier and be eliminated.

0464: 1943

1943 may be used once by a player to take any or all Steel cards from the five-card hand of any opponent and replace them with cards from his own five-card hand if he can roll the numbers 1, 9, 4 and 3 (at least one time each) on the eight 12-sided dice (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red and Pink – Perfectly Pink Booster Deck). Each die may be rolled three times.


To use Steel The One, all opponents must reveal any card in their five-card hand with a Card Identification Number that ends in the number 1. The player may steal any one 1 card from any opponent and replace it with any card from his five-card hand. The Card Identification Number is located in the lower right-hand corner of every card.


Straight Up may be used once by a player to take a saved Special or Very Special card from each opponent if he can roll five consecutive numbers on the five 12-sided dice (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow and Blue). Each die may be rolled three times.

For example, five consecutive numbers might be 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Wrap around numbers such as 11, 12, 1, 2 and 3 are not consecutive.

If a player can roll five consecutive numbers (either high to low or low to high) that also match the color pattern of the dice on the card (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow and Blue), then he may take all of the saved Special, Very Special, Zodiac and Mysterious Place cards (Ominous Onyx Booster Deck) from any opponent or opponents.


Triple Or Trouble may be used once by a player to gamble any amount of Dolla. The amount is tripled if the Green 12-sided die rolls the highest number. For example, if the player risked 3 Dolla, and the Green 12-sided die rolled the highest number, then he will take 9 Dolla total (the original 3 Dolla back and 6 Dolla more from the Discard Pile). If either the Black or Red 12-sided die rolls the highest number, then the player loses his Dolla and places it in the Discard Pile.


Up For Grabs may be used once by a player to secretly choose a Carrot from Kaballa’s Market (if the market is open) making sure not to show it to any opponent. One at a time clockwise, the opponents attempt to guess the name of the chosen Carrot. Only Carrot names are acceptable, the numbers or letters (KinderBunnies®) of Carrots are not acceptable. If any opponent guesses correctly, then he keeps the Carrot. If no one guesses correctly, then the player keeps the Carrot and chooses another from Kaballa’s Market.


Where No Bunny Has Gone Before may be used once by a player to launch any bunny in The Bunny Circle into space. The first player to roll a 12 on any die while playing any card will retrieve the bunny, and must immediately place it anywhere in The Bunny Circle. The bunny may also be immediately retrieved using Bunnies In Black. Where No Bunny Has Gone Before is considered an abduction.

While in space, the bunny belongs to no player, and may not be used by anyone to win the game. If the game should end before any player rolls a 12 on any die, then the bunny is discarded. A bunny that is launched retains any Bunny Modifiers. A bunny with a pending Feed The Bunny will die one full round after it was launched since there is no food in space.


Zodiac Exchange may be used once by a player to force any opponent to exchange two of his saved Zodiac cards for one of yours. In order to use this card against an opponent, that player must have at least two saved Zodiac cards. Zodiac Exchange cannot be used for a one to one exchange. The player chooses all three saved Zodiac cards in the exchange.

0472: ​DUCK TAPE

Duck Tape may be used once by a player to combine any number of weapons in his five-card hand (level 1-9) and to launch them immediately at any one bunny in The Bunny Circle. The player may choose the order of the weapons being launched. Each weapon must be played individually.


This Gift Certificate may be used only at Weil’s Pawn Shop (if the shop is open). The Dolla amount is determined by the roll of the Red 12-sided die and must be spent immediately.


Japanese Rabbit Trap may be given to any opponent and allows Roaming Red Run cards to enter his space in The Bunny Circle, but not to leave. When the opponent has no bunnies left in The Bunny Circle, then Japanese Rabbit Trap is discarded immediately. After Japanese Rabbit Trap is discarded, all Roaming Red Run cards continue traveling around The Bunny Circle.

0477: ​M.R.E.

M.R.E. may be used once by a player to lower the Cabbage and Water amounts on any pending Feed The Bunny card to half of their original costs. If the cost is an Odd number, and the player has no half Cabbage Units or half Water Units, then he must round up to the nearest Cabbage Unit or Water Unit.


Magnetic Shielding allows a player to eliminate the Torus Ring or to counteract the E-M Pulse before losing all of his Defense Units. This card must be a saved Special to be used immediately.

Unlike Very Special cards, Magnetic Shielding may not be used to save other players’ bunnies from harm. This card is for the exclusive use of the player who has it saved.


The player with this card saved may discard one card from his five-card hand at the start of each turn. The back of the card must have the same color as any Pawn owned by the player. For example, if a player owns the Red and Yellow Pawns, then at the start of each turn he may discard any one card from his five-card hand with a Red or Yellow back. If the player likes all of his cards, then he does not have to discard anything. Also, if he has no Red or Yellow cards, then nothing will happen either. White cards can never be discarded since technically there is no White Pawn. If the player does discard a card, then a replacement is drawn immediately from the Draw Pile and the player continues his turn.

If at any time the player has no bunnies in The Bunny Circle, then Ultimate Pawn Power is discarded immediately. Players cannot save this Special without a bunny in The Bunny Circle.


Electron Tunneling may be used once by a player to penetrate all Barriers in The Bunny Circle with range weapons (such as the Nuclear Warhead) for one player’s turn. Tunneling does not penetrate a Neutronium Barrier. May be used at any time!


Happy Scrappy Hero Pup may be used once by a player to immediately fetch (return) any Carrot that was taken or stolen from any player. Happy Scrappy Hero Pup must be used during the same turn that the Carrot was taken. Or Happy Scrappy Hero Pup may be used once to chase away (eliminate) either Black Cat or Zodiac Terminator. May be used at any time!​


Temporal Flux may be used once by a player to automatically take the next turn of play thereby skipping all of the players‘ turns in between. Play continues in the same direction as before. May be used between any two players’ turns!

For example, suppose that there are four friends seated in alphabetical order: Aaron, Betty, Carol and Dwight. Betty is finishing her turn and Carol is boasting to Aaron that she has a really powerful card coming up next. Aaron may play Temporal Flux after Betty’s turn, skipping Carol and Dwight’s turns and play the next card himself.


Weapon Reducer may be used once by a player to reduce the weapon level of any weapon placed on any bunny in The Bunny Circle by the amount rolled on the Black 12-sided die. All weapon ranges remain unchanged. May be used at any time!

For example, let’s say that a fictional player Carol uses Earthquake (Weapon Level 10) on an opponent’s bunny. She plays Weapon Reducer immediately (since Weapon Reducer is a Very Special), and rolls a 4 on the Black 12-sided die. The target bunny must now roll higher than 6 to survive, and the adjacent bunnies must roll higher than 5 to survive. The weapon decreases its level (from 10 to 6), but does not decrease its range.

Defense Cards are used to eliminate the effects of a weapon (for a single player) based solely on the original weapon level. A player must use 10 Defense Units to protect his bunnies against Earthquake used in our example even if Weapon Reducer changed the weapon level to 6.

If Weapon Reducer lowers the weapon level below 1, then it would not be necessary for a player to roll the die (or dice) to defend against the weapon. In this case, the survival of the bunny is guaranteed.


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Disclaimer: All characters and events in this game – even those based on real people or characters as parody – are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual living persons is purely coincidental or is strictly for the purpose of satire. No actual bunnies were harmed in the making of this game or will be harmed by playing it.


If after reading through the Bunny Bits and playing the cards in your Killer Bunnies Booster Deck you are asking yourself this question, then chances are you’re absolutely right!  


Many cards in Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot refer to other cards that have not been printed yet.  But don’t worry.  All this means is that we have planned ahead.  Creative Team Alpha would like to guarantee to you that these ‘unseen’ cards will indeed be seen in future Booster Decks.  The same is true for some of the fancy dice as well.


Some confusion may occur when Booster Decks are added out of order, and a card refers back to earlier cards that may not exist in your deck.  As stated before, if you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks and a card is drawn during play that refers to another card that does not exist in your Killer Bunnies deck, then a player may discard it and draw a new card.


If you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks, our Crucial Cards section provides you with game pieces, select cards, as well as game mechanics that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.

More Info See our 'Crucial' Cards Section here.


Questions always seem to arise that cannot be resolved by a careful inspection of the Instruction Book and Bunny Bits.  If that should happen then please feel free to Contact Us​.