Mixmaster: Conquest

Combining Quest & Conquest

If you are a fan of both Killer Bunnies Quest​ and Killer Bunnies Conquest, then this is your lucky day! These games are completely compatible. You can mix Killer Bunnies Quest and Killer Bunnies Conquest and play them together, regardless of how many Booster Decks are in your game collection.

Mixed Game Setup

  • Place the Kaballa’s Market Starter Card, Cabbage Cards, Water Cards and dice close to their counterparts for Conquest. Sure, you have twice as many dice as you'll need, but if it bothers you, then leave one set behind in the Quest box. Mix the small Carrot Cards from Quest into the same pile as the small Carrot Cards from Conquest. Shuffle all of the large cards together mixing your Quest cards in with your Conquest cards.


Mixmaster diagram


  • Only the Cabbage Cards and Water Cards may be purchased from Kaballa’s Market and the Radish Cards and Milk Cards may only be purchased from Kaballa’s Market Two, but the Carrots are all grouped together and any Carrot may be acquired from either market by purchasing, choosing, taking or as instructed by any Quest or Conquest card. It is possible that one market will close while another remains open. However, as long as one of the markets is open, you will be able to acquire any of the Carrots.​

Facts About The Cards

  • Lucky Clovers and Lucky Horseshoes are both Bunny Modifiers. Since there is no limit to the number of Bunny Modifiers that may be added to any one bunny in The Bunny Circle, Lucky Clovers and Lucky Horseshoes may be placed under the same bunny and their powers of reduction would be accumulative. For example, if our fictional player Carol had a bunny with a Lucky Clover Single and a Lucky Horseshoe Double placed underneath it, then any weapon attacking this bunny would be reduced by three!
  • Forming Bunny Triplets will still follow the literal interpretation on the cards: “Players that have three bunnies in The Bunny Circle of the same color or kind may play two cards per turn.” However, since bunnies from both Killer Bunnies Quest and Killer Bunnies Conquest come in the same colors, players will be allowed to mix bunnies from either game together. For example, an Orange Evil Bunny, and an Orange Spiffy Bunny may be combined with an Orange Sinister Bunny to form a Bunny Triplet.
  • Free Agent cards state: “May be used by a player as any bunny of any kind and any color (except Red or Pink).” Players may once again follow a literal interpretation of this card. Any Free Agent card (from either Killer Bunnies Quest or Killer Bunnies Conquest) may represent any of the bunnies from Quest (Congenial, Gleeful, Lumbering, Sinister or Timid) or Conquest (Evil, Hypnotic, Ludicrous, Spiffy or Truculent) regardless of which bunnies were used to illustrate the card.
  • If your Killer Bunnies Quest collection includes Pawns (Orange Booster Deck), then the P-Cards from Conquest (Bizarre Baccarat, Blue Plate Special, Chocolate Eclair, Lemon Squeezie and Zoetic Zoology) may also be played a second time by any player who owns the Pawn of the same color.
  • If your Killer Bunnies Quest collection includes Zodiac Cards (Green Booster Deck), or Mysterious Place Cards (Ominous Onyx Booster Deck), then players will have to resolve these cards in the same manner as they are done in Killer Bunnies Quest before revealing the Magic Carrot at the end of the game.