Almond Crisp Bunny Bits

Unwrap all of the cards. Large cards with an Almond Crisp Sinister Bunny on the back are shuffled into the Draw Pile. Place the Weil's Pawn Shop Two Starter Card face up on the table. The six colored Pawns will be sold from Weil's Pawn Shop Two. Place the Pawns near the Weil's Pawn Shop Two Starter Card.



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Game Mechanics


Any player may buy supplies anytime during his turn at Weil's Pawn Shop Two (if the shop is open). The supplies that are sold at the shop are: Pawns (which give players three advantages), and used bunny cards (which may be run and returned to The Bunny Circle). A player does not need a bunny in The Bunny Circle to buy supplies from Weil's Pawn Shop Two.

Weil's Pawn Shop Two is open at the start of the game. Run cards exist that either change the prices at Weil's Pawn Shop Two, or close the shop. The shop does not need to be closed first to change the prices using a Weil's Pawn Shop Two card. New prices are listed on these cards.

When a player buys a Pawn from Weil's Pawn Shop Two, it gives him three advantages in the game:

  1. A Pawn can act as a third colored bunny to create a Bunny Triplet that allows players to play two cards per turn. For example, if a player has two Blue bunnies in The Bunny Circle and the Blue Pawn, he has created a Bunny Triplet and may play two cards per turn. A Pawn itself is not an actual bunny. If a player has just a Pawn (or Pawns), then he may not play Aggressive cards or win the game.

  2. A Pawn of a specific color allows a player to re-roll the 12-sided die of the same color during any action in the game. For example, if Carol has the Red Pawn, and an opponent forces her to play Wonderous Witch's World, then she may re-roll the Red 12-sided die if the first roll was too low. Players may only use the Pawn re-roll option for cards that ask a player to roll a die (or dice) of a specific color. When using a card that requires more than one die to be rolled, a player may only re-roll the dice that are the same color as the Pawns that he owns.

  3. Players do not have to re-roll any die if they are happy with their first roll of a die. In our example, if Carol rolled a number that wasn't too low, then she might not want to (and does not have to) re-roll the Red 12-sided die.

    A Pawn allows a player to use special P-Cards twice before discarding them. P-Cards have the capital letter P built into the outside design of the card.

P-Card Legend:

  • Violet: Large Prune Danish, Very Large Prune Danish, Chocolate Eclair, Jumbo Chocolate Eclair
  • Orange: The Magic Fountain, Incredibly Magic Fountain, Zoetic Zoology, Zoftig Zoology
  • Green: Carrot Top Casino, Carrot Top Royale, Bizarre Baccarat, Baccaratatouille
  • Yellow: H.E.M.P., Heavenly Halo Handoff, Lemon Squeezie, Demonic Barbecue Sauce, Lemon Super Squeezie
  • Blue: Supplies Surprise, Super Supplies Surprise, Blue Plate Special, Blue Platter Special
  • Red: The Mad, Mad Donnelaith Bakery, Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery, Witch's Spirit, Wonderous Witch's World
  • Black: 50/50 Weapons, 50/50 Ultimate Weapons
  • Pink: Bingo Flamingo, Flamingo Flamboyance, Rousting Roseate
  • Brown: Honey Hash Browns, Humongous Honey Hash Browns, Trading Spaces

P-Cards may be used twice by a player in the same turn, or during two different turns. After a P-Card has been used, place the colored Pawn on top of the card to indicate that it has been used once. After a P-Card has been used twice, discard the card (but save the Pawn, of course).

A player may also purchase used bunny cards at Weil's Pawn Shop Two. During regular play, bunnies will now be discarded in a separate pile near the Weil's Pawn Shop Two Starter Card, and will remain face up. Players may purchase any discarded bunny for 10 Dolla. Bunnies may not be placed directly into The Bunny Circle, but must be run through the Bottom Run and Top Run card cycle.

If the game runs long, and the players need to reshuffle the Discard Pile to make a new Draw Pile, then the discarded bunnies at Weil's Pawn Shop Two must be included as well.

If a player purchases a bunny from Weil's Pawn Shop Two, then he may find himself with an extra card in his five-card hand. If this is the case, then the player must choose and remove any unwanted card from his five-card hand, and place it directly into the Discard Pile before ending his turn.

Cards such as Blue Platter Special and Zoftig Zoology will now revive bunnies from Weil's Pawn Shop Two. Even if Weil's Pawn Shop Two closes and players cannot buy bunnies, the bunny Discard Pile is always open. Cards that revive bunnies will always work just as they have in the past.

Players that have a Pawn Triplet (three Pawns of the same color) may only play one card per turn regardless of any Bunny Triplet, Triple Specialty Bunny, Triple Celebrity Bunny, three consecutive Zodiac cards by date, all three Zodiac cards of the same symbol, three consecutive Chinese Zodiac cards by date, Highest Enlisted Ranked Bunny, Highest Officer Ranked Bunny, Triple British Bunny or highest hierarchy Relative Bunny that the player may have. Other extra card privileges may arise in the future, but none will allow an exception to this rule.

Players may not own more than three Pawns of the same color (or half color). If a player finds himself with a fourth Pawn of the same color (or half color), then he must return it immediately to Weil's Pawn Shop Two.


Half color bunnies may be used to form Bunny Triplets by their type, or either of their two colors.

Facts About The Cards

1451: VIPERS

Vipers allows the player to attack one or multiple bunnies with weapon level or levels that equals 18 when added together. Targets and weapon levels must be declared by the player before any opponent rolls. For example, Carol may target a single bunny with Vipers at level 18, two bunnies at levels 7 and 11 or even three bunnies at levels
6, 6 and 6.


Urban Plague may be placed on any bunny. The bunny and all other bunnies in The Bunny Circle belonging to the same player die immediately. Horseshoe bunnies may survive.


Demonic Barbecue Sauce may be used once by a player to remove Angel Wings from any bunny in The Bunny Circle and place it under another bunny the same number of spaces away in The Bunny Circle as rolled on the Yellow 12-sided die. Angel Wings moves counter-clockwise in the AM or clockwise in the PM in The Bunny Circle. If Angel Wings returns to the original bunny from which it was taken, then the player who owns that bunny may choose a Carrot from any Kaballa's Market.


Four Seasons may be used once by a player to choose four Carrots if the only die to roll the highest number is the current season.

  • Blue = Winter
  • Green = Spring
  • Yellow = Summer
  • Orange = Fall (Autumn)

If exact yearly data is not available, then use the following dates:

  • Winter: December 22 - March 20
  • Spring: March 21 - June 21
  • Summer: June 22 - September 23
  • Fall (Autumn): September 24 - December 21


Pink Tank may be given to any player whose cards (in hand, in the Bottom and Top Run positions, or saved) will all have a Pink rectangular box on the left border. All new cards drawn by the player will also have a Pink Rectangular box on the left border. Remember that all cards with a Pink rectangular box require the player to have a bunny in The Bunny Circle to use. During any of his turns only, the player may pay 10 Dolla to discard Pink Tank.


Rocky Bottom may be used once by a player with no Radish Units or Milk Units to take half the Radish Units and Milk Units from the opponent with the most. If a player wishes to use Rocky Bottom, then he must have no Radish Units to get Radish Units from an opponent, and no Milk Units to get Milk Units from an opponent. A player may get both supplies if he starts with no Radish Units and no Milk Units.

The opponent with the greatest amount of Radish Units gives the player (who is using Rocky Bottom) half of his Radish Units, and the opponent with the greatest amount of Milk Units gives the player half of his Milk Units. To find the total amount of Radish Units or Milk Units, an opponent must add all of the units on all of his cards and Vouchers.

If there is a tie and two or more opponents have the same number of Radish Units or Milk Units, then the player may decide from which opponent he will take the supplies. If the opponent has an odd number of Radish Units or Milk Units that cannot be divided equally, then he will keep the extra unit for himself.


Zero Zero may be used once by a player and given to any opponent who must roll the dice. If two or more zeroes are rolled (zeroes on a 10-sided die or 10s on a 12-sided die), then the player must discard all of his bunnies in The Bunny Circle or return all of his Carrots to any Kaballa's Market.


Baccaratatouille may be placed on any two adjacent bunnies in The Bunny Circle that belong to the same player. Roll the dice and add the numbers (Modulo 10).

  • 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 = Choose two Carrots from any Kaballa's Market and two Metal
  • (cards or coins) from Morden's Metals Exchange!
  • 4 - 5 = Feed each bunny 2 Radish Units and 2 Milk Units!
  • 2 - 3 = Pay 10 Dolla for each bunny or the Metal equivalent or the bunnies die!
  • 0 - 1 = The bunnies explode taking the adjacent bunnies on both sides with them!

Modulo 10:

Adding numbers Modulo 10 means to add the numbers together, but only to pay attention to the last digit. For example, if the two dice total 9, then the number is just 9. If the two dice total 13, then the number is just 3.


Blue Platter Special may be used once by a player to roll the seven 12-sided dice (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black and Red) and the Clear 20-sided die. The color die that has the lowest roll is the supply taken by the player. If two or more dice roll the lowest number, then the player may take more than one supply.

  • Violet 12-sided die = Two bunny cards from any Weil's Pawn Shop.
  • Orange 12-sided die = Two Carrot Cards from any Kaballa's Market.
  • Green 12-sided die = Two Radish Cards from Kaballa's Market Two.
  • Yellow 12-sided die = 20 Dolla from the Discard Pile or the Metal equivalent from Morden's Metals Exchange.
  • Blue 12-sided die = Two Milk Cards from Kaballa's Market Two.
  • Black 12-sided die = Two Defense Cards from any Rooney's Weapons Emporium.
  • Red 12-sided die = Two Pawns from any Weil's Pawn Shop.
  • Clear 20-sided die = All of the items listed above.


Wonderous Witch's World may be placed on any two adjacent bunnies in The Bunny Circle that belong to the same player. Roll the die.

  • 10 - 11 - 12 = Choose two Carrots from any Kaballa's Market.
  • 7 - 8 - 9 = Take two Radish Cards and two Milk Cards from Kaballa's Market Two.
  • 4 - 5 - 6 = Feed each bunny 2 Radish Units and 2 Milk Units!
  • 2 - 3 = The bunnies are turned into frogs and eaten (discarded)!
  • 1 = All bunnies belonging to the player who owned the target bunnies disappear (discarded)!

1476: 1477: ZOFTIG ZOOLOGY

Zoftig Zoology may be used once by a player to choose a number (1-12) and to
roll the dice. The number of correct rolls is the number of bunnies the player may revive from the Discard Pile or any Weil's Pawn Shop and immediately place in The Bunny Circle.


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Disclaimer: All characters and events in this game – even those based on real people or characters as parody – are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual living persons is purely coincidental or is strictly for the purpose of satire. No actual bunnies were harmed in the making of this game or will be harmed by playing it.


If after reading through the Bunny Bits and playing the cards in your Killer Bunnies Booster Deck you are asking yourself this question, then chances are you’re absolutely right!  


Many cards in Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot refer to other cards that have not been printed yet.  But don’t worry.  All this means is that we have planned ahead.  Creative Team Alpha would like to guarantee to you that these ‘unseen’ cards will indeed be seen in future Booster Decks.  The same is true for some of the fancy dice as well.


Some confusion may occur when Booster Decks are added out of order, and a card refers back to earlier cards that may not exist in your deck.  As stated before, if you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks and a card is drawn during play that refers to another card that does not exist in your Killer Bunnies deck, then a player may discard it and draw a new card.


If you do play with non-sequential Booster Decks, our Crucial Cards section provides you with game pieces, select cards, as well as game mechanics that you might need if you do not have an earlier Booster Deck.

More Info See our 'Crucial' Cards Section here.


Questions always seem to arise that cannot be resolved by a careful inspection of the Instruction Book and Bunny Bits.  If that should happen then please feel free to Contact Us​.