Designer's Resource Center

Customize your Killer Bunnies game with your own cards. Add more bunnies, humorous weapons, or any other unique cards for your game. Make your cards Run, Special or Very Special – you can even create your own dreadful Terrible Misfortunes!

NOTE: This information is provided as a resource for fans for their personal use. Per copyright laws, fans cannot sell their designs for financial gain.

Designer's Kit

To assist you in your card-creation artistry, Creative Team Alpha has compiled a collection of standard card elements. These are just the basics and should get you started on your journey as a Killer Bunnies card creator!

The Designer's Resource Kit includes:

  • Card templates: Includes Run, Special, Very Special, Terrible Misfortune and Metals (all three types) templates. There are nine cards per page, three across and three down. Each page includes a variation of text boxes, title windows and Pink Boxes. These templates are available in high-resolution PDF, JPG and PNG formats.
  • Colored balls: All colored ball variations are provided in PNG formats.
  • Dice boxes: All dice box colors and variations are provided in JPG formats.
  • Pink boxes: Both versions of the pink box are provided in JPG and PNG formats.

Design Tips​

Here are some guidelines our designers follow when creating each card.


  • Font: Killer Bunnies uses a font called “Enviro.” You can buy this font online at several different font distributors, including LinoType. There are many other places to find this font, so shop around.
  • Size: The Card Titles are always 18 point type size, all caps; the sub-headers (when used on cards like Feed The Bunny or weapons) are 10 point type size, title case. The card instructions are 10 point type size for the standard format, but can go as small as 7 point type size depending on the amount of copy needed.


The Killer Bunnies colors are vibrant and bold. We use only the basic 256-color palette. The main Killer Bunnies colors (used on the bunnies, dice, card backs, etc.) in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) are:

  • VIOLET: 45C, 85M, 0Y, 0K
  • ORANGE: 0C, 50M, 100Y, 0K
  • GREEN: 100C, 0M, 100Y, 0K
  • YELLOW: 0C, 0M, 100Y, 0K
  • LIGHT BLUE: 85C, 0M, 0Y, 0K
  • RED: 0C, 100M, 100Y, 0K
  • PINK: 0C, 50M, 0Y, 0K
  • DARK BLUE: 100C, 40M, 0Y, 0K
  • KHAKI: 10C, 30M, 50Y, 0K
  • BROWN: 25C, 45M, 75Y, 15K

Card Background Colors: With the exception of Play Immediately cards, all background colors are gradients. Run cards have gradients that go from side to side. Special cards have gradients to go from top to bottom. Very Special cards have a diagonal gradients that go from top right to bottom left.


If you have any additional questions about the design of the cards, contact the Killer Bunnies design team at Creative Team Alpha. We can answer general design questions, but we are unable to give drawing or program advise. Have fun!