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Jupiter Deluxe 3D Marker Package, Series 2

Jupiter Deluxe 3D Marker Package, Series 2

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3D Markers for the Red and Violet Booster Decks.

Custom designed deluxe 3D printed markers to enhance gameplay from Hale-Bent in collaboration with Creative Team Alpha.


  • 2 Carrot markerss
  • 4 Pineapple markers
  • 3 Transport Pod markers (Violet, Orange, Green)
  • 3 Level 5 Funky Force Fields and 1 Level 10 Funky Force Field
  • Planet markers (Saturn and Uranus)

All game elements accounted for, including booster dots and Random Location numbers.

  • Each marker is carefully weighted for ideal gameplay. The durable design withstands stress like falling off the table.
  • Integrated peg system to accommodate for stacking all markers.
  • Planets carefully positioned and angled to match their actual orientations in the solar system. All planets and moons designed to match actual topography and storm patterns.
  • Full-color 3D printing plastic used to precisely replicate original art.

Each set includes a custom insert to store the 3D pieces, colored the same as the booster color. These inserts latch together and fit inside the Jupiter game box for easy storage.

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