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Creative Team AlphaFor questions concerning:

  • The complex rules of Killer Bunnies games.
  • Comments about the game (we love fan mail).
  • Suggestions for cards.
  • The web site.
  • Submitting artwork.

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Playroom EntertainmentFor questions concerning:

  • Release dates of the Booster Decks.
  • Missing, damaged or lost cards and game pieces.
  • Promotional cards.
  • Playroom PlayMaster Program.
  • Stores that carry Killer Bunnies.

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Bunny Artist Wanted

As Creative Team Alpha expands so do our needs for talented and motivated people. Ask yourself these questions: Do you like the artwork for Killer Bunnies? Do you love it? Think you can do it? Want to be part of our team? Contact us with your ideas, thoughts, and samples of your work.



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