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Creative Team Alpha

Creative Team Alpha is based in San Diego, California. Our goal has been to invent, develop and market games for every day folks as well as the serious gamers. Simple, creative, bizarre, just plain fun (or a little bit of each) is our operational motto. Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time and that's what we hope to accomplish. Our philosophy is based around gaming as a social interaction where folks can learn more about society, politics, their friends, and maybe even themselves.

The company is broken up into creative teams that develop ideas for board and card games. Because of limited resources and funding we must be very picky when choosing games to develop. Killer Bunnies (our number one seller) was invented in 1989 and finally made it to store shelves in 2000. In 2001 we were blessed to incorporate a professional Graphic Artists company into the works (Venture Creative) which skyrocketed the aesthetics of our designs. In 2002 we teamed up with a super company (Playroom Entertainment) whose own creative teams have combined their efforts to bring you the Epsilon Series of Killer Bunnies.

And just you wait and see what we come up with next!

Created By Jeffrey Neil Bellinger
Graphic Design by Jonathan Young
(c) Copyright 2002-2008 Playroom Entertainment. All rights reserved. Playroom Entertainment and the Playroom Entertainment logo are trademarks of Playroom Entertainment. Killer Bunnies, KinderBunnies and all respective logos are trademarks of Jeffrey Neil Bellinger, used under license.