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Teaching Killer Bunnies

Hello, Seasoned Bunny Fans! As more of you become experts in the game we must take a moment to acknowledge the fact that some folks are still just beginners. If you have one of these “Bunny new-bies” in your group, then please be nice to them (until they make their first kill that is, then let them have it!)

Also, if you are looking for some suggestions on how to get players ‘up to speed’ with the rest of us here is some advice:

Start with just the Blue and Yellow Starter Deck (didn’t we all) and just 12 Carrots. I just feel it’s best not to overwhelm anyone the first time out. I have written some playing suggestions as nuggets of advice and quotations. Please use these only as a guideline. I know that you can probably teach them well, but here are just a few things that I have found to help out.

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