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Mixmaster: Combining KinderBunnies with Quest

KinderBunnies is not only a stand-alone kids game, it is also a booster deck to your Killer Bunnies game!

How To Mix Your KinderBunnies with Your Killer Bunnies games:

  • Mix the 10 small Carrot Cards into the pile of 20 small Carrot Cards.
  • Mix all large cards together.

Here’s a few things to remember:

  • The color of Kinder Bunnies can match the color of Killer Bunnies to form Bunny Triplets.
  • If you get three of the same type of Kinder Bunny in The Bunny Circle, then you have a Bunny Triplet.
  • Take A Carrot cards are the same as Choose A Carrot cards.
  • Feed The Bunny Cards are either 1 Cabbage or 1 Water unit (depending on the item on the tray).
  • Safety Hazards are not weapons. Defense cards cannot be used against Safety Hazards.
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