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Cool Psychic Penguins Arrive!

PenguinsFor the entire history of the Killer Bunnies Quest game, I have denied the existence of Penguins on some of the cards.  But no more!  Let me explain that I wasn’t be dishonest with everyone, I was forced into silence (and ignorance) by these creatures because of their psychic powers.  But now they want to be known (not to mention purchased) by the Killer Bunnies community.

Playroom Entertainment will be releasing the C Deck Killer Bunnies Odyssey Expansions one per month for the first six months of 2011.  Release dates are estimated to be the first week of every month.  The C Deck title is Cool Psychic Penguins.  And, I assure you, that they are cool and that they are psychic!  You will learn about the penguins, what they can do, what they are doing here and where they are eventually going.  And as always, each of the six C Deck Expansions will contain 4 unique cards that do not appear in any other deck, all do something different and will enhance your deck building experience.

For the record, Psychic Penguins are not aliens.  Although you may have to wait a bit longer to find out why!

Aliens Invade

Aliens Invade

Build your own unique deck with this non-collectible, but constructible Killer Bunnies card game!

The B Deck is the first Booster Deck to Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey. Each Expansion Deck adds 30 cards to expand your customization options!

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