Killer Bunnies: Heroes vs Villains

Killer Bunnies® Heroes vs. Villains is a fast-paced, action card game where players may choose to be a defender of goodness, courageousness and virtue by playing the Hero Super Bunnies or a generator of chaos, evilness and deceit by playing the Villain Super Bunnies.

Which side will you choose?

Be the first player to generate their cities and a quartet of characters while dodging a frenzy of fiendish fisticuffs in this wild and wacky universe of zany fun, cultural parody and social interactive strategy!

  • Perfect for smaller groups: 2 or 3 players is ideal
  • Fast games: 30 minutes of fun
  • Every bunny has a unique power and ability
  • Two ways to play: Choose Casual rules for group gameplay; or choose Tournament rules for head-to-head gameplay.

Compatible with all other KB Odyssey cards: Heroes vs. Villains is a stand-alone Killer Bunnies® game that can also be used interchangeably with all of your Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey cards.

Two Ways To Play

Casual Play

Tournament Play

More information about each deck!

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