Game Instructions

  • For 2 to 5 Players, Ages 5 to Adult
  • Playing Time: Approximately 20 minutes


Object of the Game:

The object of the game is to collect as many Carrots and bunnies as possible while trying to stop others from collecting them. After all of the cards have been played, the person with the greatest number of Carrots and bunnies combined is the winner!

Card Icons:

First we will explain the two icons that appear on many of the cards:


1) The Pink Star: The Pink Star on the left side of any card means that you must have at least one bunny down on the table first before you can use that card.

2) The Color Diamonds: The Color Diamonds on the right side of any card mean that you have to roll the dice with the matching color(s) for that card.

The Dice:

As you can see, the game also comes with five fancy dice. These dice have faces that are numbered 0 through 9. For our game, we will ask you to think of the zero as the highest number on the die, the number 10.

There are three levels of play (Beginner, Advanced and Really Advanced). We suggest that you start by playing the Beginner’s Game.


Setting Up The Beginner’s Game:

As you can see, the game has four decks of cards. The first deck of cards is Blue, the second deck is Yellow and the third deck is Pink. The last deck is Orange and smaller than the first three. For the Beginner’s Game we will need only the Blue and Pink cards.

Unwrap the Pink cards and separate the first six Carrots with letters (A-F) from the deck. We’ll save the other four Carrots for the Advanced Game. Next, unwrap and shuffle the Blue cards. You will probably want the first shuffle to be a really good one to make sure that you have mixed the cards well. Place the Blue cards face down in the center of your table to form the Draw Pile. The six Carrots should be placed face up next to the Draw Pile.



Deal each player four Blue cards. If you receive a Bunny Bucks card, then place it in front of you face up on the table right away and draw a new card in its place. Each time you draw a Bunny Bucks card you will have to put it down right away.

The youngest player at the table goes first by playing any card from his or her hand. The other players will take turns playing any one card each from their hands. The play continues clockwise around the table with each person playing one card per turn.

On your turn, you may choose any of the four cards in your hand and play it face up on the table. You may play a Bunny Card, a Take a Carrot, a Feed The Bunny or a Safety Hazard. The function of each card is described below.


Bunny Bucks: Bunny Bucks are always saved face up on the table and never in your hand. You will always pick another card right away after getting a Bunny Buck. Bunny Bucks are the bunny money that can be used later to buy Carrots.

Bunnies: Bunnies come in five different colors and four different kinds. Remember, the more bunnies you have at the end of the game the better your chances will be to win. When you play bunnies, they are placed down on the table in front of you. All bunnies on the table are kept face up so that all of the players can see them.

Take A Carrot: Take A Carrot cards allow a player to take a Carrot from the center of the table. Since these cards have a Pink Star, you must have a bunny down on the table first before you can use this card.

Carrots: A player may get Carrots by using a Take A Carrot card or by purchasing them for 10 Bunny Bucks each. Players may only purchase a Carrot on their turn and before they play a card. Remember, the more Carrots you have at the end of the game the better your chances will be to win. When a player gets a Carrot, it is placed face up on the table, the same as the Bunny Bucks.

Feed The Bunny: Feed The Bunny cards may be played on another player’s bunny. A bunny will need to be fed either Cabbage or Water. If a player cannot Feed The Bunny, then the bunny is discarded. Since these cards have a Pink Star, you must have a bunny down on the table first before you can use this card.

If someone places a Feed The Bunny card on one of your bunnies, then you may put a Cabbage card or a Water card down right away. The picture on the Feed The Bunny card will tell you whether you need a Cabbage card or a Water card. If you do save your bunny with let’s say a Cabbage card, then the Cabbage and Feed The Bunny cards are discarded. Of course you will have to pick a card from the Draw Pile so that you are holding four cards again.

Cabbage & Water Cards: Cabbage and Water cards are used to Feed The Bunny. If someone places a Feed The Bunny card on one of your bunnies you may play a Cabbage or Water card right away. Of course you will have to play the card with the matching picture of either Cabbage or Water on the Feed The Bunny card. These cards are called SPECIAL because you can use them when it isn’t your turn.

Safety Hazard: Safety Hazard cards may also be played on another player’s bunny. Since these cards also have a Pink Star, you must have a bunny down on the table first before you can use this card.

The five Color Diamonds on the right side of the card mean that if someone places a Safety Hazard card on one of your bunnies, then you must roll all five of the dice. If any of the dice rolled match the Safety Hazard number, then your bunny is safe and the hazard is discarded. If none of the numbers match, then your bunny is discarded.

Bad News: When players pick a Bad News card they must play the card right away and not wait for their next turn. Bad News cards make players discard their bunnies, but only the ones that are already on the table. Bunnies that are in a player’s hand are always safe. A Bad News card may make a player return Carrots as well. After a Bad News card is played, the player must draw another card.

If you draw a Bad News card and you have no bunny down on the table (which is true at the start of the game), then discard it and draw another card.


Even after the last card has been drawn from the Draw Pile, players will continue to play one card each until all of the cards in their hand have been used. Some players may run out of cards before others. Any player who has a card left must play it even if it doesn’t do anything. The game is over when all of the players have used all of the cards in their hand.

The player with the greatest number of Carrots and bunnies combined is the winner! If there is a tie, then it is broken by the player with the most Bunny Bucks. If there is still a tie, then a Double Winner is declared and both (or all) players share the victory!


Setting Up The Advanced Game:

For the Advanced Game, place all 10 Carrots with letters (A-J) in a stack face up on the table. Unwrap the Yellow cards and shuffle them into the Draw Pile with the Blue cards. Place the new double-sized Draw Pile face down on the table.

You’ll need to do some reading to play the Yellow cards, but it will be worth it because they are quite a bit of fun. Many of the Yellow cards are unique so please read the instructions printed on the bottom of each card carefully. The game should last a bit longer as well since there are twice as many cards.

Deal each player five cards this time and play as you did in the Beginner’s Game.


Here are a few notes that might come in handy for some of the Yellow cards:

Hi Low Cash: If there are not enough (or any) Bunny Bucks in the discard, then the player receives only what is available in the discard pile.

Safety Skunk: This card may only be used before a player rolls the dice for a Safety Hazard.

Switch-A-Roo: If three or more players all roll the same number, then each of those players must move to the next position clockwise around the table.


Setting Up The Really Advanced Game:

Unwrap the small Orange cards and shuffle them well. Put these cards face down and away from the table where no one is likely to knock them over. Continue to play the game as described in The Advanced Game section.

The game ends as soon as the last Carrot has been taken. If the Draw Pile runs out of cards, then reshuffle the discard pile and continue playing. To win the game you must be the player that:

1) Has at least one bunny down on the table at the end of the game and …

2) Owns the Carrot that matches the picture on the bottom card of the small Orange deck.

Logically, the more Carrots that a player collects during the game, the better his or her chances will be of winning the game. However, even a player with just one Carrot could still win!

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