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Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot

Omega Cards are distributed at conventions, bunny promotions and special bunny events. Some cards are distributed when you buy your game through Playroom Entertainment or from select retailers. Make sure to ask for one, since supplies are limited.

The first 12 Omega cards work with Killer Bunnies QUEST. These cards work with Killer Bunnies CONQUEST.

Killer Bunnies

Omega 13
Omega 13:
May be used once by a player to force any one die roll by any player to be re-rolled. May be used at any time!

I Dream Of Bunny
Omega 14:
May be used once by a player with no bunnies in play to take any one bunny from the Discard Pile and to place it directly into The Bunny Circle.

Killer Bunnies

Kubrickian Glee
Omega 15:
May be used once by a player and given to any opponent who must kill at least one bunny before he may choose Carrot.

Soft Killy Warm Kitty
Omega 16.
May be used once by a player to immediately cure all bunnies in The Bunny Circle of any sickness or hunger. May be used at any time!

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