Energy D Deck

The Energy Expansion Deck includes: 30 cards.

Preview a few of the cards you’ll find in the Red D Deck!

Killer Bunnies D Deck Red

Killer Bunnies D Deck Red

Red D Deck Cards:
DR01 – Helmet Bunny
DR02 – Helmet Bunny
DR03 – Sighter Bunny
DR04 – Sighter Bunny
DR05 – Alien Drone
DR06 – Alien Drone
DR07 – Alien Drone
DR08 – Alien Warrior
DR09 – Alien Warrior
DR10 – Alien Commander
DR11 – Double Transporter Weapon Level 8 +d6 Roll
DR12 – Orbital Weapon Level 8
DR13 – Orbital Weapon Level 9
DR14 – Orbital Weapon Level 10
DR15 – Salvador, Brazil
DR16 – Alien Scout Ship
DR17 – Alien Scout Ship
DR18 – Alien Cruiser Ship
DR19 – Alien Cruiser Ship
DR20 – Penguin Suit – Bunny Modifier
DR21 – Seize Reprise – Alien Ship Modifier
DR22 – Sacred Symbol
DR23 – Sparklers – City Modifier – Sentinel
DR24 – Black Out
DR25 – Dead Zone
DR26 – Fizzbin
DR27 – Diffraction Grating
DR28 – Cosmic Resource
DR29 – Cosmic Resource
DR30 – Cosmic Resource

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