Killer Bunnies Conquest

Prepare yourself for an all-new Killer Bunnies adventure, with familiar fun for fans and new players alike! Find the Magic Carrot and claim ultimate glory over your opponents in Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot, the fun and crazy follow-up to the popular Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot card game.

Keep your bunnies alive, while eliminating your opponents’ bunnies with whimsical and sometimes very deadly weapons! Other players will stop at nothing to keep you from collecting carrots and taking the win, in this hilarious game that is full of spoofs, parodies and hysterical references.

Conquest will have you plotting your strategy (not to mention your revenge), managing your resources, crossing your fingers, bartering with the enemy and doing whatever it takes to claim the Magic Carrot and win the game! In this wacky adventure, all is fair in carrots and war!

  • Hours of Fun: With a unique combination of strategy and luck, every game is different every time.
  • Interactive Play: Your friends become foes and vice versa as unexpected alliances are forged.
  • Family Friendly: All members of your family will enjoy the easy-to-follow mechanics and fun activities.
  • Zany Characters: Creative characters are cool, cuddly and cheery… charming enough for any cordial crowd.
  • Safety First: Of course, no actual bunnies were harmed in the making of this game!

Killer Bunnies Conquest is a follow-up to (and completely compatible with) the popular Killer Bunnies Quest card game series. You’ll be surprised by an entirely new array of wacky weapons, risky P-cards and wince-worthy Terrible Misfortunes! Morden’s Metals Exchange is a new market where a player may buy and sell precious metals to earn Dolla. Kaballa’s Market Two will sell you the Radish and Milk you’ll need to feed your bunnies! Some things are different, but the goal is still the same; survive long enough to claim the Magic Carrot and win the game!

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Expand Your Game With Booster Decks

Each Killer Bunnies and the Conquest for the Magic Carrot Booster Deck adds a new level of strategy to the game.  Expand your existing set with new cards and new game mechanics, plus extra components such as dice, pawns and other surprises!

Killer Bunnies plays best when the Booster Decks are added in sequential order; however, you can still add any Booster deck at any time!



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