Crops C Deck

The Crops Expansion Deck includes: 30 cards.

Preview a few of the cards you’ll find in the Green C Deck!

Killer Bunnies

Killer Bunnies

Green C Deck Cards:
CG01 – Prior Bunny
CG02 – Psych–Out Bunny
CG03 – Back Step Bunny
CG04 – Back Step Bunny
CG05 – Psychic Penguin
CG06 – Psychic Penguin
CG07 – Transporter Weapon Level 9
CG08 – Transporter Weapon Level 11
CG09 – Manila, Philippines
CG10 – Green Transporter Chamber Piece
CG11 – Green Transporter Chamber Piece
CG12 – Transporter Platform Piece
CG13 – Transporter Platform Piece
CG14 – Green Transporter Pylon Piece
CG15 – Green Transporter Pylon Piece
CG16 – Arctic Blues Hymn
CG17 – Blanch
CG18 – Continental Breakfast
CG19 – Geezer Freezer
CG20 – Load Of Lumber
CG21 – Strawberry Blondes – Ground Weapon Runner
CG22 – Mutant Venus Pod – Transporter Thief
CG23 – Scarf Of Green – Psychic Penguin Modifier
CG24 – Apricots – Transporter Enhancer
CG25 – Flibbling Frenzy
CG26 – Prime Crime
CG27 – Defrost
CG28 – Fast Rising
CG29 – Crops Resource
CG30 – Crops Resource

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