Energy C Deck

The Energy Expansion Deck includes: 30 cards.

Preview a few of the cards you’ll find in the Red C Deck!

Killer Bunnies

Killer Bunnies

Red C Deck Cards:
CR01 – Prior Bunny
CR02 – Psych–Out Bunny
CR03 – Back Step Bunny
CR04 – Back Step Bunny
CR05 – Psychic Penguin
CR06 – Psychic Penguin
CR07 – Transporter Weapon Level 9
CR08 – Transporter Weapon Level 11
CR09 – Montreal, Canada
CR10 – Red Transporter Chamber Piece
CR11 – Red Transporter Chamber Piece
CR12 – Transporter Platform Piece
CR13 – Transporter Platform Piece
CR14 – Red Transporter Pylon Piece
CR15 – Red Transporter Pylon Piece
CR16 – Arctic Blues Hymn
CR17 – Blanch
CR18 – Continental Breakfast
CR19 – Geezer Freezer
CR20 – Water Wheel – City Modifier – Producing Industry
CR21 – Neutron Nancy – Ground Weapon Runner
CR22 – Black Current – Transporter Thief
CR23 – Scarf Of Red – Psychic Penguin Modifier
CR24 – Archon Lighting Panel – Transporter Enhancer
CR25 – Doppelganger
CR26 – Icebreaker
CR27 – Power Of Love
CR28 – Bump Back
CR29 – Energy Resource
CR30 – Energy Resource

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