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Omega Cards are distributed at conventions, bunny promotions and special bunny events. Some cards are distributed when you buy your game from select retailers. Make sure to ask for one, since supplies are limited.

UPDATE: Omega cards are now available in the Chocolate Booster Deck!

Killer Bunnies Omega

Bunny’s Eleven
Omega 01:
Allows a player to steal the winnings from any opponent who is successful at either the Carrot Top Casino or Casino Royale (Orange Booster Deck). A roll of 7 or 11 doubles the winnings.

The Djarnak
Omega 02:
May be placed between any two adjacent players and prevents each from using any aggressive cards (cards with a pink box) against each other.

Bunny Bits: The Djarnak may be eliminated by a Barrier (Red Booster Deck) placed over it.

Aggressive cards such as Weapons may not be placed directly on any of the opponent’s bunnies on the other side of the Djarnak. However, a weapon that effects adjacent bunnies may effect the opponent if he is within range.

Historical Note: Bunnies creator Jeffrey Bellinger attended Rutgers University in Brunswick, Jersey from 1984 to 1989. During that time a contest was run to name the weird red sculpture on the Busch Campus. Jeff’s suggestion of The Djarnak lost miserably but he vowed that someday he would have the final say on that decision. And heck, it only took 17 years!

Go With The Flo
Omega 03:
Allows a player to exchange any saved Special (or Very Special) card for Carrot #04 (Flo).

Historical Note: Flo just happens to be bunnies creator Jeffrey Bellinger’s favorite Carrot. Now some would say that he wrote this card just so that he could always get Flo. But in truth, Flo is the most valuable Carrot since the owner is entitled to one free feeding during any particular game. Have you ever noticed that Flo is carrying a Large Prune Danish?

Killer Bunnies Omega

The Conch
Omega 04:
May be used once by a player to silence all opponents for two rounds of play. Only the player holding The Conch may speak (and therefore make deals or exchanges of any kind).

Bunny Bits :: The Conch effectively stops all trades of both SUPPLIES and DOWNS for two full rounds of play unless initiated by the player holding the card. But we are also very serious about the silence. A player who speaks must return a Carrot, or discard a Zodiac (Green Booster Deck) or Mysterious Place (Onyx Booster Deck) cards for each word spoken. Players without objects will forfeit turns of play.

Lord Of The Bunnies
Omega 05 – Specialty Bunny or Super Specialty:
The player with these bunnies down (in The Bunny Circle) may play two cards per turn. All other Specialty Bunny cards in The Bunny Circle are eliminated.

Bunny Bits: No Specialty Bunny card may be placed in The Bunny Circle until the Lord Of The Bunnies card is eliminated (perhaps with a weapon).

Unlike other Super Bunnies, the owner of this card may not roll the twenty-sided die for weapons with levels (01 – 12).

A Specialty Bunny that has The Heavenly Halo is not eliminated from The Bunny Circle. If The Heavenly Halo is placed on The Lord Of The Bunnies, then all Specialty Bunnies arriving in The Bunny Circle are safe (not discarded).

Lord of the Bunnies cannot be bought back from the market.

Number Six
Omega 06 – Celebrity Bunny:
This is a single Celebrity Bunny. Players that have three or more down may play two cards per turn.

Historical Note: The makers of Killer Bunnies knew years ago that the television show Battlestar Galactica would return with a character named Six (yeah, that’s believable – let’s go with that). We therefore set aside Omega card six for the character Number Six so that they would coincide (hmm, that’s good, that makes sense). Unfortunately the show was delayed and took longer to premiere than we had anticipated so we listed Red Herring in the Omega Six slot for years to throw everyone off the track (wow, that might be stretching it a little). You see ‘Red Herring’ is a slang term for an act of subterfuge which is what we were trying to do by throwing you off the track (actually, that is true). But over the years since so many fans were looking forward to a Red Herring card we decided not to disappoint them so we actually made a card called Red Herring (Pink Salmon) and used it for Omega 11 (you think they believe us?).

Killer Bunnies Omega

No Supe For You
Omega 07:
May be used once by a player to eliminate all Super Bunnies from The Bunny Circle that are the same color as any die which rolled an even number. Good luck getting even!

Hare E. Potter
Omega 08:
May be used once by a player to retrieve the Magic Spatula or any Magic Fountain card from the discard. The retrieved card may be used immediately or saved.

Dago Bunny
Omega 09:
May be used as a Green Bunny and stops all weapons directly targeting any KinderBunnies that a player has in The Bunny Circle.

Bunny Bits: This Omega card works as a regular Green Bunny (not a Specialty Bunny), and has additional abilities if you are playing with the KinderBunnies deck mixed into your Killer Bunnies game.

Killer Bunnies Omega

Baby Bunnies On Board
Omega 10:
When a player has this card saved and at least one Kinder Bunny down in The Bunny Circle then any time he must roll a die (or dice) of a specific color, this card allows the player to roll both the 10 and 12-sided dice of the same color and to choose which roll to use.

Red Herring Pink Salmon
Omega 11:
May be used once by a player to counteract the death of any Red or Pink bunny. May be used at any time!

Bunnies of the Caribbean
Omega 12
: May be used once by a player to steal the amount of Dolla rolled from any one opponent. Only the exact amount may be taken.

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