Crops B Deck

The Crops Expansion Deck includes: 30 cards.

Preview a few of the cards you’ll find in the Green B Deck!

Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey

Killer Bunnies and the Ultimate Odyssey

Green B Deck Cards:
BG01 – Female Mating Bunny
BG02 – Female Mating Bunny
BG03 – Male Mating Bunny
BG04 – Male Mating Bunny
BG05 – Star City Bunny
BG06 – Feed The Bunny 3/5
BG07 – Double Ground Weapon Level 6 – Silo Spill
BG08 – Double Ground Weapon Level 12 – Dynamite
BG09 – Triple Ground Weapon Level 9 – Virgin Olive Oil
BG10 – Triple Ground Weapon Level 9 – Weed Wacker
BG11 – Double City Weapon Level 8 – Angry Hoes
BG12 – Double City Weapon Level 12 – Terrible Tumbleweeds
BG13 – Triple City Weapon Level 7 – Log Lady
BG14 – Triple City Weapon Level 11 – Children of the Corn
BG15 – Washington DC, United States of America
BG16 – Medellin, Columbia
BG17 – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
BG18 – Barrier
BG19 – City Defense
BG20 – Lucky Clover
BG21 – Symbol Defense
BG22 – Rainfall Stall
BG23 – Hybrid Seeds
BG24 – Smear Campaign
BG25 – Maggots
BG26 – Dwayne
BG27 – Guard Dogs
BG28 – Rearrange
BG29 – Crops Resource
BG30 – Crops Resource

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