Crops A Deck

The Crops Starter Deck includes: 3 dice, 18 scoring squares, and 60 cards.

Preview a few of the cards you’ll find in the Green A Deck!

Killer Bunnies Odyssey

Killer Bunnies Odyssey

Green A Deck Cards:
AG01 – Feed Bonus Bunny
AG02 – Feed Bonus Bunny
AG03 – Feed Bonus Bunny
AG04 – Feed Bonus Bunny
AG05 – Cross City Bunny
AG06 – Triangle City Bunny
AG07 – Rectangle City Bunny
AG08 – Spiral City Bunny
AG09 – Ellipse City Bunny
AG10 – Triple Bunny
AG11 – Triple Bunny
AG12 – Triple Bunny
AG13 – Feed The Bunny 2/1
AG14 – Feed The Bunny 3/1
AG15 – Feed The Bunny 2/3
AG16 – Ground Weapon Level 07 – Potato Gun
AG17 – Ground Weapon Level 08 – Wasabi Bobby
AG18 – Ground Weapon Level 10 – Melon Seed Shrapnel
AG19 – Ground Weapon Level 11 – Plutonium Pitted Peach
AG20 – City Weapon Level 08 – Killer Tomatoes
AG21 – City Weapon Level 08 – Mustard Gas
AG22 – City Weapon Level 08 – Pumpkin Bombs
AG23 – City Weapon Level 08 – Saskatoon Platoon
AG24 – Los Angeles, USA
AG25 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
AG26 – Alexandria, Egypt
AG27 – Beijing, China
AG28 – Sydney, Australia
AG29 – Moscow, Russia
AG30 – Cabbage And Water
AG31 – Cabbage And Water
AG32 – Large Prune Danish
AG33 – Carrot Art – Painting
AG34 – Not Just Us In North America
AG35 – Utility – Solar Station
AG36 – Growth Spurt
AG37 – Landscape Lunacy
AG38 – Rolling Rivals
AG39 – Transplanted Troop
AG40 – Show Me The Bunny
AG41 – Not So Special
AG42 – Reversal Of Order
AG43 – Crops Resource
AG44 – Crops Resource
AG45 – Crops Resource
AG46 – Crops Resource
AG47 – Crops Resource
AG48 – Crops Resource
AG49 – Crops Resource
AG50 – Crops Resource
AG51 – Crops Resource
AG52 – Crops Resource
AG53 – Crops Resource
AG54 – Crops Resource
AG55 – Crops Resource
AG56 – Crops Resource
AG57 – Crops Resource
AG58 – Crops Resource
AG59 – Crops Resource
AG60 – Crops Resource

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