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Promo Cards are distributed at conventions, bunny promotions and special bunny events. Some cards are distributed when you buy your game from select retailers. Make sure to ask for one, since supplies are limited.

Killer Bunnies Odyssey

Triple Bunny (alternate art)
Triple Bunny allows a player to add (+3) Civ Points to his d20 die at the start of each turn if the player has three Triple Bunny cards in The Bunny Circle.

Time Circuits
AX62: Time Circuits may be used once by a player to add Civ Points to his d20 die equal to the number that the player rolls on the d12 die if it matches the number value of the current minute, hour (AM or PM), day, month or year (last two digits).

Onyx Lotus
Onyx Lotus may be used for one turn by a player as any three saved Resource cards.

Killer Bunnies Odyssey Promos

Female Mating Bunny (alternate art)
BX31: At the start of each turn, Female Mating Bunny allows a player to take any bunny (with a point value of 1) from his Discard Pile and to put it into play if Female Mating Bunny is adjacent to any Male Mating Bunny that the player also owns. The new bunny must be put into the same location as the mating pair (The Bunny Circle or in a structure in The Center Circle).

Point Of Hue
BX32: Point Of Hue may be used once by a player to force any one opponent to trade any one of his bunnies in The Bunny Circle for any saved Resource cards from the player equal to the bunny’s point value. The player chooses the bunny and the saved Resource cards.

Wonka Chocolate – Bunny Modifier
BX33: Wonka Chocolate may be placed under any bunny in play and coats the bunny in chocolate. Any player may consume the bunny to satisfy any Feed The Bunny card. No Civ Points are awarded to any player.

Killer Bunnies

Psych-Out Bunny (alternate art)
Psych-Out Bunny may be given to any player (by placing it into his section of The Bunny Circle) and prevents the owner’s Psychic Penguins from controlling Aggressive cards.  Psych-Out Bunny may not be placed into any structure in The Center Circle.

Night At The Roxbunny
CX32: Night At The Roxbunny may be used once by a player only after sunset and before sunrise to take any two cards from his Discard Pile and to shuffle them back into his Draw Pile.

Peter Venkbunny
CX33: Peter Venkbunny may be used once by a player to force all opponents to take any card with a Symbol out of their five-card hand and to place it face down. For each card, the player attempts to guess the Symbol. If correct, the opponent subtracts (-1) Civ Point and the player adds (+1) Civ Point to his d20 die. The player rolls the d6 die once to determine how many times (per card) that he may guess.

Killer Bunnies

Sighter Bunny (alternate art)
DX31: Sighter Bunny allows a player to add (+1) Civ Point to his d20 die for each type of alien ship that an opponent has in The Orbital Circle directly over the player’s section of The Bunny Circle at the start of each turn.

Tear Me A New One
DX32: Tear Me A New One may be used once by a player to either add (+1) Civ Point to his d20 die or tear this card in half and add (+5) Civ Points to his d20 die.  The player must actually own this card if he wishes to tear it in half.  This card may not be repaired and used again after it has been torn.

Flame On
DX33: The player with Flame On saved may sacrifice this card to eliminate the burn cost for any Double Ground Weapon, Triple Ground Weapon, Double City Weapon or Triple City Weapon card.  The Card Cost of the weapon (without the burn cost) must still be paid.  Flame On must be a saved Special to be used immediately.  The Card Cost is paid when this card is saved.

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