Conquest Expands

Killer Bunnies return to pillage and burn with the addition of Specialty Bunny cards such as the Priscillian trio that allows players to play extra cards during their turn!!  The Violet Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set, plus a Clear 20-sided die.

New cards include: Reno which causes a police raid on your opponent’s cards, Campaign Contributions for ‘influencing’ (wink, wink) the votes of Senators, Betty Botter for increasing your Radish and Milk supplies and the Grand Slam which, combined with lucky die rolls, awards a player with three Carrots!  Hopefully you won’t be offended, when you see bunnies defended.  The new Defense Cards can eliminate threatening weapons such as Blipverts or the ever-vengeful Heathers!

If the cards you’re saving are quite a bore, exchange them all with Talos Four.  The game will surely have its highs and lows, if your bunnies are eaten by hungry hippos.  If you want your Conquest to be the best, you’ll need the newest deck yet, the color Violet!

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