What Is That?

This is the second of a continuing – yet somewhat random – series of trivial tidbits and behind-the-scenes glimpses into some of the obvious and obscure parodies found in Killer Bunnies games. Enjoy!

Classic TV Shows!

When we play Killer Bunnies with our fans, family and friends, we can determine their generation just by seeing them get our television references. Here are a few oldies, but goodies – a history lesson for our younger fans and nostalgia for our older fans! (Note: Star Trek references are not included in this list.)


The Greatest American Bunny (Violet Booster Deck, #224): Those two bunnies are from the 1981-1983 television series, Greatest American Hero, starring William Katt and Robert Culp (and Connie Sellecca, not pictured as a bunny). The story for the show: A teacher is asked to be a superhero using a special alien suit with powers he can barely understand or control. You might run into William Katt at a convention, or the next best thing: Jeffrey Neil Bellinger wearing his Greatest American Hero T-Shirt.

Crow Bar (Violet Booster Deck, #233): If you get past the hillarious reference of crows congregating at a bar, you may recognize the Cheers bar.

Carousel (Twilight White Booster Deck, #406): Originally a 1976 motion picture with Michael York as the star, this card references Logan’s Run. This television series – which only ran for a year in 1977 – portrays a futuristic society where citizens are only allowed to live until age 30

Heavenly Halo Handoff (Twilight White Booster deck, #409): The bunny in this card is from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. The Show premiered on CBS in September 1970 and during its seven-year run became one of the most acclaimed television programs ever produced.

Japanese Rabbit Trap (Stainless Steel Booster Deck, #478): If you picked Mama’s Family, you would be wrong – although you would have the correct character. The card parodies a skit from the Carol Burnett Show (1967 – 1978), featuring Carol Bunett as Eunice, Vicky Lawrence as Mama and Harvey Korman as Ed Higgins (of Higgins Hardware). A little Bunnies trivia, the writing on the traps actually says Rabbit Trap in Japanese. Eunice is also featured on Carrot E of KinderBunnies!

Fire Walk With Me (Stainless Steel Booster Deck, #488): An obscure reference, for sure! While not an official television series, the movie Fire Walk With Me can be viewed as both prologue and epilogue to the television series Twin Peaks (1990–91).

Thirty Helens (Wacky Khaki Booster Deck, #582): Yes, there are 30 of them in the drawing. “Thirty Helens Agree” is a recurring skit from the first season of Kids In The Hall (1989-1995 in the U.S.).

Thirty Helens

[Setting: Big Open field]
[We pan up and see the 30 Helens]

Announcer: 30 Helens Agree…

30 Helens: [in unison] You can’t pay too much for a good pair of shoes!

[The Helens all nod in agreement and each hold up a pair of shoes.]

Helen Vernando: Sensible shoes make sense.

Helen Roritor: I spend a lot of time on my feet, and these make it a lot easier.

Helen Bryant: My God, your feet are what you walk on!

[The Helens continue to nod]
Announcer: 30 Helens Agree. You can’t pay too much for a good pair of shoes.

Bunny Bunker (Ominous Onyx Booster Deck, #672): The classic Archie Bunker from All In The Family (1971-1979).

Go With The Flo (Chocolate Booster Deck, #0718): Also the name of carrot #4 from the Blue Starter Deck, Go With The Flo is a paraody of Alice, a sitcom that ran from 1976 to 1985. Flo’s catch phrase ”Kiss my grits!” enjoyed widespread popularity at the time the character appeared on Alice. According to Polly Holliday, the actress that played Flo, the line was originally written as “Kiss my honeydew!”, but did not get any laughs.

There are other references, so this is not a complete list. Which one’s have you found?

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